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So it’s easy to find out what’s in your e-juice, but is that really very informative? Most of it is chemical names, which can look intimidating – and they also don’t say a lot about what the substances actually are. That makes it easy for people to create scare stories, such as “E-liquid contains antifreeze” (it doesn’t!) Most e-liquid has four main ingredients; there’s some variation, but not really very much. If you know the basics you’ll be able to spot any differences quickly. In the meantime, here’s what you can expect to be pouring into your atomiser.

What is in e-liquid?

E-liquid is made up of 3-4 ingredients.
VG or Vegetable Glycerin
PG or Propylene Glycol
Flavourings Artificial and Natural
Nicotine - Pharmaceutical grade and extracted from tobacco plants
EasyPuff only sell e-liquid that is manufactured in a ISO lab with quality ingredients.

It’s usually best to avoid e-liquids that contain anything apart from these four ingredients. Vitamins, colouring, supplements like caffeine – these don’t do anything for the quality of your vape, and unlike flavourings, they haven’t been selected for inhalation safety. But if you stick to the ingredients listed here you can look forward to a low-risk and enjoyable vaping experience.

Is nicotine safe?

Nicotine is not 100% safe, it is addictive, however when you have been smoking traditional cigarettes for a while, your body becomes addicted to nicotine. Whenever you attempt to quit smoking, you experience intense cravings to smoke again, and your body goes through withdrawals. We do not recommend non-smokers vaping nicotine.

Is It Safe To vape e-Liquid without nicotine?

While vaping may be much safer than smoking, Anything done excessively can be harmful. We are told to drink a certain amount of water every day to stay healthy, but if you drink too much water, you can do serious harm to yourself. Don't take the risk, just to get a few likes on Facebook or a few views on YouTube. Popularity just isn't worth it.

What is the best nicotine strength for me?

Nothing can ruin your vaping experience more quickly than an e-liquid with the wrong nicotine strength. If the nicotine strength of your e-liquid is too low, it's impossible to get any real satisfaction out of vaping – and if the nicotine strength is too high, you'll find the vapour so harsh that you won't even want to vape. What makes things even worse is the fact that you're most likely to pick the wrong e-liquid nicotine strength when you're entirely new to vaping. You'll have a terrible experience with your first e-cigarette, and you may not know why. If the background is awful enough, you may not even try vaping again. Let's make sure that doesn't happen.

What is nicotine salts?

Nicotine salt e-liquid is standard e-liquid with an added acid that lowers the pH of the nicotine and returns it to its original salt form.
If you’re a full-time vaper, you’ve already adjusted to a decreased nicotine intake compared to what you’d get from smoking. A 25 mg nicotine salt e-liquid will likely provide more nicotine than whatever e-liquid you’re using now. Do you still smoke an occasional cigarette? Do you feel tempted to smoke because vaping doesn’t satisfy you completely? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, it might be worth your while to try nicotine salt e-liquid. Otherwise, it’s probably best for you to stick with what you’re currently using. Our Nicotine Salts

What is VG/PG?

VG is vegetable glycerin. It's is a sweet thick liquid derived from vegetable oils. It is used in E-liquid to give it a thick feeling in the vapour, it also provides a smoother throat hit compared to PG.

VG can also be found in the following products:

Hand cream and soap.
Beauty products
Pet food

What's the best e-liquid ratio for me?

Depends on the device you're using, and if you're vaping over 30 watts with a sub-ohm tank the chances are you should be using 70/30 mix for smaller pod-style devices you should be using a 50/50 mix

How do I get thicker clouds?

There are three main factors

Airflow is going to be a critical factor in having thicker clouds. The more open your airflow is the more vapour production you are going to create because there is a more significant amount of air that is going to be able to pass by the coil as you inhale.
Wattage is another critical factor in getting thicker clouds.
When you are turning up the wattage on your device, you are generating more power to pass through your coil, heating it hotter and faster. This means that the coil is going to be working harder and creating vapour more efficiently.

The last factor will be with your e-liquids.

The thicker your E-liquid is, the more vapour production will occur as the higher levels of VG found in the juice is going to produce more significant clouds
Most e liquids on the market now state the percentage of VG to PG.
Good percentages to go with are 70/30, which means 70% VG to 30% PG.

Does vaping nicotine cause cancer?

Nicotine is one of the most badly understood substances in the world. Much of the negative response it generates comes from its active role in the tobacco industry. Here's the fact. Smokers smoke cigarettes to get the nicotine-induced high. There are no two ways about it – nicotine is the primary ingredient in cigarettes. And, yes, cigarettes do cause cancer. But, it is not the nicotine that causes cancer. Cigarettes also contain a variety of carcinogens like tar, ash, carbon monoxide, arsenic, and even formaldehyde, among other harmful chemicals. It is these chemicals that cause terrible health problems among smokers. Not nicotine.

Can you add Nicotine to my juice?

Yes we can add nicotine to your juice, please write in the comments section which flavour you would like nicotine added to and what level of nicotine you would like.

Why can i not select a strength ?

If the strength you require doesn't drop down it the box it means that we do not have it in stock.
If you are after a specific strength you require and we have a lower strength available you can choose that and request the strength you require in the comments.

How long will an e-cig cartridge last?

An e-cig cartridge generally lasts 150-200 Puffs?

What are nicotine salts and freebase nicotine?

Nicotine salts is a smoother but stronger form of nicotine designed for Mouth to Lung vaping, this is a very similar sensation to smoking. You are able to get more nicotine this way without feeling the need to be vaping constantly

Nicotine salts is easier to use to quit smoking with.

Freebase Nicotine is generally found in lower percentages and used in bigger device for direct lung inhaling. This is an inhale that gives you a greater amount of vapor inhaled.

There is no drop down menu to chose my strength.

Unfortunately if there is no strength in the drop down menu this does mean that we are out of stock
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