Payments FAQ

Can I pay using a visa card?

you can pay with a credit card; you need to go through the order and select credit card, you will be taken to a page that will say PAYPAL scroll down under there is a small line to choose a credit card, hope this helps

Can I pay via bank transfer?

Yes you can our bank account number will be on your order confirmation email

I didn't get any order confirmation?

Sorry to hear that, you can log in into your account and check in your transaction history it will be in there, but before you do this check your spam folder.

What reference do I put when bank transferring?

Your name and order number if you can please

PayPal is not accepting my credit card why is that?

Please check if you have entered your card details incorrectly and also check if you have the correct country in the drop-down menu at the top, our system automatically recognises IP address and changes the currency to suit which country it's from. Some New Zealand internet providers resell for companies in Australia.

Do I need a PayPal account to pay by credit card?

Not at all scroll down, and there will be a link that says pay by credit card.

Can I make a bank transfer from Australia?

No sorry, we only accept credit payments.

My order hasn't shown up, and it says delivered what I should do?

The fastest way to resolve this is to ring the courier company and quote your tracking number they will launch an enquiry then get back to you here are the contact details.
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