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Do you guys have any coupon codes?

No sorry but we have a rewards points program, you can use your reward points to discount your order, we don't have any coupons as such sorry, the Reward points can be found in your cart, you need to add them and apply to get the discount, hope this helps.

I don't have any reward points left, and I used them all. I've been wondering if the points in-store will accumulate with the points I earn online?

no sorry, these are separate, the online orders earn points for each order, I will double-check this for you if this is ok?

Do you have a discount code for a 1st-time buyer?

Unfortunately not, however, we do have a reward points system, which you can use on every order.

How do the rewards points work?

Every time you purchase EasyPuff, you will be rewarded with reward points. These can be used to either purchase products if you save them or can be applied to your orders for a discount.

How do I use my reward points?

Once you have selected the items, you wish to order and added them to your cart, proceed to the checkout. Under the shopping list the option to choose reward points or discount vouchers, reward points are applied to your account once the product has been shipped and your order is showing complete.

Can I save my reward points up?

Yes, you can.

Do my reward points expire?

Yes, they do after three months.

How much savings do reward points give me?

You get a 5% discount on every purchase.

Do you guys have run specials?

We have a specials page that has our weekly specials if you keep an eye on that regularly you find a good deal. We also have a reward points system, which you earn with every purchase, redeeming them will give you a 5% discount, Subscribe to our newsletter, and you will be updated with exclusive deals.
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