FAQ Shipping Australia

Do you ship to Australia?

Yes, we do Monday - Friday

Do You Ship Anywhere In Australia?

Yes, however, there are remote areas that take a little longer for delivery.

How Much does it cost to ship?

First Global - $18 - $23 - DHL Express - $28 - $38

What's The Difference Between First Global And DHL?

First Global is a cheaper option than DHL; however, it takes a little longer. First Global is a good option if you're not in a rush and want to save your Pennies.

How long does it take to ship to Australia?

First Global can take 6 -10 days - DHL Express 3 - 6 days

My package took longer than your website says why is that?

From time to time this happens, we do our best to get our customers items out fast, 93% of sent packages arrive on time. We rely on 3rd party companies so once your parcel leaves our warehouse, it's out of our hands.

Your Website displays free shipping on orders over $70 but I still paid why is that?

We are very sorry, but this is for New Zealand customers only..

Why is your shipping to Australia so much?

Unfortunately, we don't have any control over this, and the shipping companies set the price. We have used cheaper services in the past but found them very unreliable. DHL and First Global have always been very efficient with a 99% delivery rate to Australia.

You guys don't have a postal service option?

New Zealand: The difference in cost was not much less than tracked courier service, so we discontinued this service. australia: No, we discontinued this service. It was unreliable and very slow. tracking would stop once the 3rd party carrier picked up in Australia made customers frustrated as there was no transparency.

How can I speed up the delivery?

Many variables can cause a shipment to be delayed. Here are some pointers that will increase the chances of smooth delivery. Use DHL Express shipping, it might cost a little more, but it's worth it because their service is top-notch and fast.

I received an email saying my order has been sent but when I go in to track it it says no item for that tracking number.

There will be an update scan when this gets to the next point, when you receive the first one this is letting you know it has been collected and on its way. Give it a day or so to update if there is still nothing to get back to us.
Time difference
If you're in Australia, remember there is a time difference DHL picks up daily from our warehouse at 1 pm Monday to Friday. If you put your order in early in the morning, it will be on a plane that night.
Early week ordering
if you place your order nicely and early Monday morning, your package is more likely to arrive on time. Ordering late into the week can delay shipping times because, on the weekend, most
freight companies are understaffed on the weekends, so try to Avoid this crossover.
Correct details:
Make sure your shipping address is correct, your phone number and all your details are up to date.
Once your items have been processed a tracking number via email will be sent. Keep monitoring this you can closely watch where your parcel is if there is a delay making contact with DHL australia will prompt a call to action.

Contact information for freight forwarders

First Global - Customer Service. Call +64 9 255 5015)
DHL - Customer Service. Call 0844 248 0828)

How long does shipping take to Australia

Shipping with DHL should take between 3-6 working days
Shipping with First Global should take between 6-10 working days
Please allow up to 2 extra days if you are ordering on Friday- Saturday
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