FAQ Shipping New Zealand

How much is shipping in NZ?

$5 or free shipping over $70

Do you ship anywhere in NZ?

Yes we do.

How long does delivery take?

1-3 days max

Are you guys still shipping at the moment?

Yes we are we are an essential business trading online

Do you ship on the weekends?

No sorry only monday to friday.

I didn't get a tracking number when I placed my order?

Sorry to hear that, you can log in into your account and check there, but before you do this check your spam folder. If you still can't find it give us bell our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

I received an email saying my order has been sent, but when I go in to track it, it says no item for that tracking number?

There will be an update scan when this gets to the next point when you receive the first one; this is letting you know it has been collected and on its way. Give it a day or so to update if there is still nothing get back to us.

How can I speed things up?

Order the Night before, If you want to avoid the weekends place your order early on in the week.

I made a bank transfer but haven't received a tracking number yet?

Depending on what bank your with it might take a day or two for the transaction to appear in our bank, we dont action the order until your funds have cleared.

My order hasn't shown up, and it says delivered what I should do?

The fastest way to resolve this is to ring the courier company and quote your tracking number they will launch an enquiry then get back to you here are the contact details.

First Global - Customer Service. Call +64 9 255 5015

DHL - Customer Service. Call 0844 248 0828

Do you ship worldwide ?

Yes we ship worldwide using DHL
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